Paintings 2



£78 Billions- Acrylic on canvas- 100 x 70 cm, 2017



          "What is life if not the biggest adventure?  You are tired of being the actor, the stunt, the traitor. You were born to conquer the world"

Who South of Cotopaxi destroy Jones Corporations? Who looked up at the diamonds chest? Who traded and gambled in Shanghai in 57 and got his Big Score? Who were we, my secret lover, if not the most astute, dangerous and perfidious ? Call me "rulers" the shipowner, The Greek Forger...or Ion Asimbel the digger, it doesn't matter!!! ha ha ha... In Lancaster $10.000.000, Al-Casino $, Kurath and Kuwait bombed and vanished, Lord Kensal's palace destroyed! Across the Black Sea on a tramp steamer you will cry for love, but only money you will find hidden in your cape!











Raziel- Acrylic and oil on canvas- 100 x 70 cm, 2017

From the deep he came, a messenger, a helper, the last recourse, making the dark abyss his throne of dreams and perpetual vigilance. The God's guardian of the garden of Eco, the Earth outcast, traveller of galaxies.  I saw his violet wings in the night of september 1886 and much before 200 thousands years before the Kingdom. He was my master, my light, my hope: Raziel!















Decarabia- Acrylic on canvas- 100 x 70 cm, 2018