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I’m Alexandre Piacsek, artist based in London. I work in multiple artistic mediums, from acrylic painting to ink drawings, marker pens, digital, mixed-media. I’m currently finishing 2 graphic novels, contributing with illustration magazines and also organising group shows in London. Every artwork you see here is for sale, but not the paintings yet. If you love arts and like my work, or are a collector and want to support a fine emergent artist as me you can check my online shop where you will find fine art prints and limited editions. If you’re here just browsing-no worries, you can drop me a line or add me on Instagram!


Self-taught artist graduated from the College of Architecture and Urban Studies of the University of Sao Paulo.


- 'Spark, The Best of Emergent Art', showcasing a selected group of 20 emerging artists, Old Truman Brewery, London, October 2019.

- Represented by Debut Contemporary Gallery, Notting Hill, London, from 2012 to 2014

- Illustrated 2015, The Old Truman Brewery, London, 2015

-" Fantasy meets Fiction", Caiger Contemporary gallery, Docklands, London, 2015

-"Parallels art Exhibition" Brick Lane Gallery, London, 2012


2018- Member, Association of Illustrators, London (AOI)


From Feb 2014 to Jun 2015 I was the Director of Piacsek Gallery: a new platform for contemporary art based in the UK, focused on showcasing the finest and fresh emerging art practice. I Represented the selected group of artists:

Arthur Lanyon, Mary Wintour, Phill Hopkins, Katerina Lanfranco, Francis Olvez Wilshaw, Aleksandar Todorovic, Michael Salter, Alice Eikelpoth, Stephen Thorpe, Mark Siebert, Bobby Parmar, Kyle Noble, Georgia Murray, Michal Mráz, Emily Morey, Craig Friesen, Mark John Evans, Iori Endo, Nadége Druzkowski, Diarmuid Corkery, Barbara Cartier, Priscilla Briggs, Ronan Bowes.


1- "45 artists aboard the HMS Ineverr". Traveling Art show aboard the Danish cargo ship Ineverr-Barens, crossing the Atlantic and the Pacific on high seas. A three years exhibition stopping in more than 1000 ports around the world.(1996-1998) 

2- "Emerging Tibet art". Art show at the Dalai Lama high monastery. Exhibition was held before the arrival of the western civilisation and China domination . The 13th Dalai Lama proudly purchased an original painting of mine, depicting the coat-of-arms of Callaway Clan, and its still hung at the Polata palace. (1932)

3-" Africa Zambatta show" - Live show exhibition at the Tanganyika volcano crater. The exhibition had to be cancelled on the 3rd day due to dangerous lava bombs.(1985)

4-" Trans-Antarctica Open Penguin Art Fair - A.W.A.V.E" . Individual winter show at the Antarctica largest Penguin Colony- 150 miles south of McMurdo Station. One original piece depicting the Bahamas Islands was sold to an Emperor penguin family. (2007)

5- " Gypsies Pilgrimage Teutonic Art 2012" - Another successful touring show, this time traveling with 50 waggons of Gitanos, across the Teutonic Hanse, stopping in Luneburg, Hamburg, Greifswald, after heading south to Chalôns-sur-Marne. Curated by Sigsmund, the King of Romans.( 2012)